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Best Elevator Company in UAE(Abu Dhabi & Dubai)!

Welcome to TOLEDO Elevators

Are you looking for Elevator Supplier & Contractors in UAE( Abu dhabi & Dubai) ?

TOLEDO Elevators and Moving Systems, the best elevator company in UAE(Abu dhabi & Dubai) provides supply, maintenance & installation for both residential as well as commercial projects. It has an in depth range of Passenger, home lifts and stair lifts.

Machine Room less, belt-driven pit less Passenger Lift and disabled Platform Lifts are included in our product portfolio. We also provide Home Lift solutions for existing villas. Our lifts are uniquely designed to reinforce and blend in with their surroundings using innovative design and styling.

TOLEDO also offer a good range of products Lifts, Service Lifts and Car Lifts, bringing our knowledge within the lift industry to the present market. Load capacities available from 50kg to 10,000kg with minimal or no pit, we will also provide the structure and cladding, to make sure a hassle free installation.

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Vacuum Elevator

The Vacuum Elevator combines a smooth vertical cylinder with a coaxial car that moves up and down through air suction.

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vacuum elevator
star lifts


If you have difficulty getting up and down the stairs you are not alone. TOLEDO's stairlifts offer a safe and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down the stairs.

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Home Lifts

Our home lifts introduce a new level of comfort and style to both indoor and outdoor environments.

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home lifts
passnger lifts

Passenger Lifts

We are proud to offer some of the strongest and safest passenger lifts on the market, with our partnership with IFE Elevators, which has achieved many iconic projects of high-rises and towers with major real estate developers and contractors such as Damac, Arabtec and others...

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We are offer our clients the best dumbwaiter Australia and small goods lifts.A proposal that we have chosen to dedicate to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, houses with several floors and all spaces where it is necessary to move goods from one floor to another floor easily, quickly and safely.

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Why Choose Us?

We are Dependable. TOLEDO has the experience and quality you can count on.

We have solutions for every building.

We are fully compliant with safety standards.

We have a passion for solving mobility issues.

We have compact and space saving lift solutions.

TOLEDO is a leading UAE lift company with a huge range of products to choose from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Toledo Elevators is one of the best elevator companies in Dubai that maintains a large range of elevators and escalator systems. We strive for customer protection, high efficiency, optimum use of available space and the environment. We tailor each architectural design of the elevator as required. We, at Toledo Elevators, offer both residential and industrial elevator installations with promising efficiency.

If you’re seeking out the services of elevator maintenance and supplier in UAE, then it is essential that you look for an agency that is dependable and that won’t let you down when you need services the most. Such an enterprise should have earned its fame for this service and is acknowledged to be the best in the industry. Toledo elevators are always at your doorstep for your convenience..

There are several elements that determine how regularly an elevator lift needs to be serviced. The elevator companies typically give an estimated time for the service of your elevator. But it is to be noted that your elevator must be serviced every 12 months to avoid frequent problems. However, a few upkeep tasks will spring up every now and then in order to need changes and maintenance every few years.

There are four main kinds of elevators: hydraulic, traction, machine-room-less, and vacuum. Elevators may be a high-priced investment, so it is very essential to remember all the elements when determining which one is great for you. You cannot set up a big MRL elevator in a mid-sized building. The primary thing to do is to carry out an assessment of the building and determine what you want the elevator for.

The smallest residential elevator can be around 9 square feet of clear platform. Consider a ceramic floor tile to get this measurement. The minimal space required for a residential elevator will consist of other elements together with the gap desired for the maintenance room (in case you choose an elevator that has one). Furthermore, you may need to consider the different kinds of people who are living in the house.

Generally, an area of approximately twenty-five square feet is required to install a residential elevator. An extra eight inches may be needed to dig a pit on the ground underneath the elevator, depending on the style of residential elevator you intend to use in your building. Some smaller residential elevators measure up to nine square feet. They are designed in such a way as to suit your residence or building.

Typically a residential elevator has a lifespan of 20–35 years before it reaches the end of its value-green existence. Regular maintenance and proper usage can keep it efficient way more than the set lifespan. However, like any other device, there comes a time when it desires to be replaced. Fortunately, you may expect a long time of use of a new elevator, enhancing your mobility and pleasure of existence.

Villa elevators are home elevators hooked up in villas for ease of transport from one floor to another. They are crucial to ensuring the safety of aged people in your family. Furthermore, its role in increasing the value of the residence is quite remarkable. At Toledo Elevators, we ensure we layout the proper one for you, keeping in mind your vision for your house in terms of safety and utility.