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If you've got difficulty getting up and down the steps you're not alone. TOLEDO's stair lifts offer a secure and reliable way of overcoming the matter of getting up and down the steps.

Whether you would like a stair lift for indoor or outdoor use, for inclined or curved staircases, there's no challenge too big for our engineers to customize an answer for you.

At TOLEDO, we provide free in-home consultations with one among our stair lift specialists to assist decide what stair lift most closely fits the requirements of you and your family. Our stair lift specialists are trained advisors with years of experience within the accessibility industry.

Benefits of Stair lift

  • Safety – Prevents Injuries

    Manual-folding-rail-for-stair lift-removes-tripping-hazard the most evident benefit is that it provides a safer way to use the steps at home. Employing a motorized chair to get from floor to floor reduces the danger of an injury at home because the stairs are one among the foremost common areas that present a high risk for a fall. Missing one step while walking up or down a staircase may end up in a broken hip, leg, or a range of other serious injuries. It is not uncommon for seniors to use the steps for exercise. However, that may be very dangerous if muscles have weakened and mobility has become limited. Adding a stair lift to a home doesn't mean that you simply can longer exercise though. Local gyms offer several safe exercise options for seniors – walking on the treadmill, swimming within the pool, or riding on the stationary bikes. These options are much safer than walking up and down the steps.

  • Easy to Use

    Stair lifts are very easy to work for many users. To use a stair lift, sit on the seat, placed on the seatbelt, press and hold the rocker switch, which is found on the armrest of the chair, and you will get on your way up/down the steps. To prevent the stair lift, release the switch and therefore the lift will stop moving. The rocker switch are often placed on the armrest that's most convenient for you.

    Two keyed remotes accompany the merchandise, which is useful if quite one person must use the lift. If you're at the highest landing of the staircase and therefore the lift is at rock bottom, push the "up" arrow button on the remote to send the chair to the highest landing.

  • Restores Independence

    If the steps are preventing the utilization of a basement or upper level of the two-story home, you'll desire you've lost your independence. Getting up or down the steps likely requires assistance from a lover or loved one. With the installation of a stair lift, you'll regain your independence and freedom because the lift will provide a secure and straightforward way access to the basement or upper level of the house.

  • Quickest & Most Affordable Aging in situ Option

    If you'll not use the steps reception, a stair lift goes to be the quickest and most affordable solution. Like all other purchase, it's getting to require a touch of research. However, once the acquisition is formed, the lift are often installed a couple of days later if the staircase is straight or a couple of weeks later if the staircase has curves or turns. Curved stair lifts have an extended turn-around time because the rails got to be bespoke to suit the precise specifications of the curves or turns of a staircase.

  • Allows you to remain at home

    Being able to stay at home is extremely important for many seniors. In fact, a study done by the AARP found that 90% of seniors would like to age reception instead of move to a senior living community. A stair lift provides you thereupon option if the steps are the most safety concern at home, but you continue to have the power to transfer laterally.

  • Short-Term Solution for an Injury

    While most stair lifts are purchased by seniors with limited mobility, they will even be beneficial for those are recovering from an injury. The installation of a lift will provide access to all or any levels of home during the recovery of a lower-body injury. Stair lift rental may be a great option for those that only need a lift for a couple of months.

How stair lift works?

A stair lift is essentially a chair that travels along and rail or track that's mounted to a stairway.

There is a motor within the bottom of the chair that's usually powered by a battery also within the bottom of the chair. The stair lift motor turns a gear that's meshed into a geared strip on the track or rail. The chair is moved along the geared strip when the gear turns. When the motor turns the gear the chair moves one direction, when the motor's direction is reversed the chair moves the other way.

Call/Send switches are accustomed to move the stair lift chair without anyone being thereon. This is often particularly helpful if two people use the lift and therefore the lift is at the other end of the track when a user wants to use it. The user simply calls the lift to return to them employing a call/send switch. Another use of call/send switch is to send the lift away after use. Some people do not like the design of the lift parked within the main living area of the house and can send it to the other end when not in use. They simply call it back when needed.

Components used for stair lift

  • Track or Rail - The stair lift track supports the chair, provides a mechanism (usually a geared strip) to propel the chair and guides it up and down the stairway just as a train track guides a train.
  • Track Overruns - Some stair lifts offer the choice of an overrun at either the top of the track, bottom of the track or both. The aim of a stair lift track overrun is to maneuver the user far from the stairway to securely access or dismount the stair lift in a location where, if they fall, they will not fall on the steps.
  • Power supply - While most stair lifts are battery operated today all model would require a power supply to either charge the battery or power the unit directly within the case of non-battery powered units. Non-battery powered stair lifts draw plenty of power and normally require an ardent circuit.
  • Call/Send Controls - Call/Send controls are normally mounted on the wall near each end of the stair lift track to supply some way for a user to call the chair to them or send it away when not needed. They will be either wireless or wired to the lift counting on the model.
  • Seat - The stair lift seat is just a seat for the user to take a seat on while using the lift. Counting on the model it's going to swivel at the top and/or bottom of the track and can normally fold up out of the way when not in use.
  • Seat Belt - As in a car the stair lift safety belt is meant to carry the user safely seated on the seat while the lift is in use.
  • Foot Rest - The foot rest of the stair lift may be a feature to stop the user’s feet from hitting the steps while using the lift and a comfort feature to support the user's feet when sitting on the seat. The foot rest will have switches built into them to prevent the lift should it hit anything on the stairway and can flip up out of the way when the lift isn't in use.
  • Motor - The motor that drives a stair lift chair along the track is found within the base of the seat.
  • Transmission - Because the motor rotates at too high a speed to securely propel the stair lift up the track at sort of transmission is used to scale back the speed while increasing the facility available.
  • Battery Charger - Battery powered stair lifts must have a charger of some sort to stay the battery charged. The chargers are normally found under the track or near one end of the track. The charger works automatically with no action needed by the user.
  • Battery - The batteries utilized in stair lifts are fairly expensive and located within the bottom of the seat near the motor.
  • Features and specification of stair lift
  • Slide Track
  • The unique sliding track is slightly shorter than the length of the staircase. The track moves with you as you travel up or down the steps on the stair lift and reaches its end point before you get to the top or bottom of the steps . This makes it safer to urge off. This feature is particularly useful where both the top and bottom of the steps are potentially obstructed by the track.
  • Powered Hinge Track
  • To avoid the stair lift track permanently blocking doorways, or creating a trip hazard, the Companion track are often folded away at the press of a button on the handset.
  • Swivel Seat Option for Easier Dismounting
  • The seat are often swiveled round to permit you to step comfortably onto the landing.
  • Perch Seat
  • If you've got restricted movement within the knee or hip joints you'll find sitting painful. In these situations a perch seat could also be the perfect solution because it allows the user to be in a near-standing position when using the stair lift. This will even be a useful solution for very narrow stairways.
  • Upholstery is out there during a choice of 6 colors. Available for the 950+ and 1000 straight stair lifts, and therefore the 2000 curved stair lift.
  • Remote Control
  • The stair lift are often 'parked' out of sight at the top or bottom of the steps and easily called back to your feet when needed via the infrared remote. This is often also ideal when quite one person within the house uses the stair lift.
  • Easy to Use Left or Right Handed Controls
  • Companion's unique ergonomic controls were designed with input from Occupational Therapists to form sure all Companion Stair lifts are simple and cozy to use - even for sufferers of arthritis or the visually impaired. The comfortable easy grip 'paddle switch' requires minimal pressure, simply push within the direction of visit move off.
  • Controls are often accommodated on either of the armrests to reflect a right or left handed user preference. This is often a really useful feature for people that have possibly suffered a loss of mobility to at least one side of their body and wish a stair lift that's built specifically around their needs.
  • Upholstery Color Choice
  • As well as being comfortable and offering support for your lower back, the Companion seat comes in a choice of 6 colors to enrich any décor. Do you have to prefer to redecorate your hallway, you'll even have your seat re-upholstered to suit.
  • Automatic Cut-Out Safety Sensors
  • Should the stair lift detect an object within the path of 1 or more of its 7 sensors, it'll automatically come to a smooth and safe stop.
  • Turn & Go (Free Curve Only)
  • Turn and Go has been specially developed to assist those customers who have a really narrow staircase that turns corners. Your seat will turn automatically in order that your back faces the steps, not the wall or handrail, during travel and moves your knees faraway from potential clashes with the wall or banister.
  • Active Seat (Free Curve Only)
  • The Active Seat has been designed to offer you added support once you get up and sit down within the stair lift chair. The technology features a lift and tilt mechanism, where the seat tilts upwards to assist you once you are becoming up and to softly lower you when sitting down.

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