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We are offer our clients the best dumbwaiter Australia and small goods lifts.A proposal that we have chosen to dedicate to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, houses with several floors and all spaces where it is necessary to move goods from one floor to another floor easily, quickly and safely.

Benefits of dumbwaiter

  • Save Time
  • One of the key benefits of employing a dumbwaiter is that it saves time. Rather than having to steer heavy items up and down the steps, they will be transported within seconds employing a dumbwaiter. This suggests that workers will have more time to finish other duties that might normally be sent walking items up and down the steps, increasing productivity.
  • Reduce the danger Of Injury
  • Frequently carrying heavy items up and down stairs can cause an injury thanks to constant strain on your back. Additionally, carrying large items while traversing staircase can increase the danger of falling because it can inhibit your ability to ascertain where you’re going clearly. This will cause serious injury that would end in staff being unable to figure .Conversely, with a dumbwaiter items are often transported between floors quickly and without risk to the health and safety of your team. This is often because the utilization of a dumbwaiter allows employees to traverse staircases with full vision and no added back strain so as to satisfy the things on the intended floor.
  • Save Space
  • A dumbwaiter offers an equivalent object transporting benefits as an elevator or freight lift with the additional advantage of taking over less space. This makes dumbwaiters ideal to be used where space is restricted as they're significantly smaller than other lifts. In fact, a dumbwaiter takes up 50% – 70% less floor space than a typical elevator. Additionally, as they're smaller than traditional lifts, dumbwaiters require less construction during the installation process for minimal disruption to your business.
  • Save Money
  • Another advantage of installing a dumbwaiter is that it's more cost effective than a passenger lift. This suggests that you simply can economize while still installing a dumbwaiter lift to move items between floors and boost worker productivity. Plus, employing a dumbwaiter to move items between floors also reduces the danger of injury as there's no chance of the things being dropped while walking up the steps, saving you time and money.

Features and specification of dumbwaiter

  • Practical Weight Limit

    The weight limit of your new dumbwaiter should account for a big amount of your decision. It’s a typical mistake for people to think about just one function for their dumbwaiter, and to pick a weight limit consistent with that specific need. It’s vital to believe the possible uses for your dumbwaiter which will not come to mind initially.

  • Sufficient Platform Size

    Similar to the load limit, the platform size of your dumbwaiter will have a considerable effect on what functions you'll be able to use it for in your building. If you're installing the dumbwaiter in a kitchen, for instance, make sure to settle on a size which will accommodate every sort of commercial tray your staff may use.

  • Required Safety Features

    It’s important for the security of anyone who will use the dumbwaiter that it have the right safety mechanisms. A high quality dumbwaiter will accompany interlocks to make sure its safety while in use. The function of an interlock is to latch any access doors within the system while the lift is in use, aside from that of the extent on which the dumbwaiter sits.

  • Adequate Travel Speed

    Depending on your needs, the speed of a dumbwaiter could also be worth considering. While the typical dumbwaiter travels at 20 to 30 feet per minute, some move as quickly as 50 feet per minute.

  • Attractive Car Appearance

    Dumbwaiter cars are available a spread of finishes, so make sure to think about the styling of the rooms during which it'll be used when selecting an option. Additionally, some dumbwaiter manufacturers offer a variety of access doors from which to settle on.

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