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Panoramic Elevators

Best Panoramic Elevator Manufactures & Suppliers in UAE

We design panoramic cabins for those who want to enjoy the view from above in its entire splendor.

Our range of luxury European lifts can be highly tailored to perfectly match the image and identity of any building.

Each one of our luxury lifts offers a smooth and silent operating system, making each ride as comfortable as possible., our designer lifts are an asset to any home.

Benefits of panoramic elevators

  • Turning a standard riding into entertainment.
  • Possibility of maximum field of vision.
  • Reduced discomfort, no sense of limited space.

How does panoramic elevators work?

One of the foremost prestigious sorts of elevators products are panoramic elevators. They will be located in shopping and business centers, hotels, restaurants and houses .Panoramic elevator - an important element to the architectural design of the building. These lifts are installed so as to revive the architectural ensemble and make it more stylish and attractive for beholding .Externally attractive, panoramic lifts to assist passengers not only comfortable to maneuver between floors, but also allow to urge aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of the surface of the building space, thereby increasing ridership and inspiring people to buy, which is particularly important for shopping centers. For people with a fear of confined spaces are not any problems with the increase in panoramic lift. Thus, the utilization of such lifts from a billboard point of view is extremely cost-effective solution that permits you to extend the company's profits by raising the extent of sales, also as significantly improved their status within the eyes customers and other visitors.

Components used for panoramic elevators

  • Elevator car & shaft
  • The Sheave & Motor
  • Control unit
  • Counterweight
  • Machine drive
  • Counterweight guide rails
  • Guide rail fixing bracket
  • Car guide rail
  • Counterweight frame
  • Counterweight buffer
  • Over speed governor
  • Control cabinet
  • Apron
  • Landing doors
  • Tension pulley
  • Car bugger

Features and specification of panoramic elevators

The most prominent feature of panoramic elevators that distinguishes them from other elevator models is that one or few walls of cabin is/are made of glass. Thus they provide you a visible pleasure. These glasses should be infrangible or made of laminated glass for the security of panoramic elevator users. Panoramic glass is usually preferred for business centers, shopping malls, entertainment centers, hotels restaurants, grand subways and train stations. They have varied carrying capacities from 4 persons to 21 persons. Because of glass walls they provide great visual pleasure to their users. And also by the reason that the person/persons may even see the surface of the elevator cabin as traveling, they're more relaxing if comparing with the others and that they are restful for the persons who have fear of elevators. Another feature of panoramic lifts is that the ability of being mounted both outside and inside the construction. As considering posture of construction, the models of panoramic elevators could also be of structure in round, square, triangular etc.

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