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Home Lifts

Our home lifts introduce a replacement level of comfort and elegance to both indoor and outdoor environments.

Each one of our luxury elevators has a distinguished feature of low energy and an operating system which is noiseless which helps in making each ride as great and easy as possible.

Whether you're trying to find an easy and discreet solution to help in movement round the house or a spectacular showpiece lift, we've the right solution available in our collection of home lifts.

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Benefits of home lifts

  • Increased property value

    homebuyers seek homes that either allow for a lift to be installed within the future or one that already comes with a Home Elevator in UAE. This is often actually because accessibility may become a problem a couple of years down the road, should the occupant’s mobility decrease. A property may have a better resale value if it possesses a lift, as upgrades and residential improvements that help people maintain high levels of comfort and mobility contribute to a greater price when selling.

  • More accessibility

    There could also be many reasons why a home-owner requires a home elevator in their property, like mobility issues or the very fact that the building has several storeys. It also contributes to users’ independence.

  • Higher safety levels

    Lifts also can be a security measure within the home, as people that are less mobile may find it safer and easier to use the lift rather than stairs. A lift also can only be made accessible by specific people, which adds an additional layer of security to a property.

  • Stylish design

    Home lifts are often customized and tailored to satisfy a property’s requirements, which suggests users can have a lift that matches in with the present interior design. Lack of space also can be addressed by lifts, as low pit options allow them to be installed in places where space is restricted .A staircase can take up more room than a lift, so, for several homeowners, lifts are the simplest solution.

  • Practicality

    Even when a user doesn't have reduced mobility, their residential lift are often a highly functional solution within the home. It minimizes day-to-day occurrences, like climbing steps, and prevents people from carrying heavy and hulking loads up and down stairs, which may be hazardous, tiresome, and time-consuming. The convenience of home lifts makes them the top choice for several homeowners who wish to eliminate legwork on their daily lives, ensuring comfort and luxury in their own homes.

  • Easy to use and maintain

    Residential lifts are easy to use, whether the user is elderly or whether or not they possess health issues that reduce their mobility. Taking the steps is usually not an option or can make life harder, while lifts work by just pressing buttons. When it involves maintaining a home lift, it doesn't take tons of effort or time to wash, in order that they can easily be kept in top condition

How does home lift work?

Our electrical lifts work employing a simple and safe ‘screw and nut’ system, which runs from a fervent, but normal, power supply in your home. Each lift we supply features a large threaded bar (like a screw) running the entire length of the lift. Attached to the current may be a large, strong nut, which successively is attached to a motor. When the motor runs (when the lift buttons are pressed), the massive nut finishes up or down the threaded bar. The platform (standing area) of our lifts is attached to the massive nut, and moves up and down the shaft when the motor turns it.

Components used for home lifts

  • Lift Car
  • Controller
  • Car Doors, Landing Doors and Locking Devices
  • Guide Rails, Guide Shoes and Buffers

Features and specification of home lifts

It is equipped with telescopic, automatic cabin and shaft doors. Call and run orders are executed fully automatically. The minimum shaft dimensions are the record ones: pit 15 cm, and 260 cm headroom. The home Lift® with maximum load of 400 kg is driven by one phase motor of two .2 kW power. Just in case of power outage the cabin goes to the bottom stop and opens the door. The top quality of the device confirms an extended warranty: extended up to 10 years.

Are you looking for best home lifts company in UAE?